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Premium Courses

Powerhouse Affiliate comes with a number of different training courses for all levels, & all aimed at driving more traffic and making more money. Choose your niche, and start banking!


Affiliate Case Studies

See premium affiliate case studies on different traffic sources including free and paid Mobile or desktop traffic. You will see the exact results of live tests.


Money Making Methods

One section is completely dedicated to providing you with easy to follow action plans to set up profitable marketing campaigns.


Premium Landing Pages

PA provides landing pages and squeeze page templates for email marketers! You can use any of these pages and modify them as needed to build a list or to just promote affiliate offers.


Marketing Graphics

Get full rights to hundreds of premium marketing graphics and text to use on your landing pages or social media designs! You can quickly, and easily convince your visitors to convert by looking highly professional!


Promotional Images

Using images is a great way to increase the perceived value of your offer, which is why we also offer themes with space for a small image.


Private Facebook Group

Join a FB community of 10,000+ marketers who help each other! If you just want to talk industry on the fly, then the FB group is a great place to do it!


Private Premium Forum

This is one of the most valuable features for members! You can pretty much talk about anything and it will be answered. You can also access follow along campaigns on many different traffic sources and more!


Weekly Payments!

Powerhouse Affiliate is your one stop shop for all you need to get started in making money online. Not Only Do You Get the Best Training Online but you can get paid directly from our the referral program up to 3 levels deep and earn monthly Mentor Bonuses of up to $1000 a Month!

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Advanced Training Topics


CPA Affiliate Marketing

Take conversion rates to the next level with new CPA affiliate methods and styles. The more you test, the higher your ROI.


Email List Building

See advanced techniques to generate profits while building a list! Learn specific methods yielding the best results.


Mobile Advertising

Learn about mobile advertising and find hundreds of traffic sources to get massive server melting traffic. Get top selling courses inside available for all premium members!


Dominate Pay Per Click Marketing!

Take specific courses dedicated to buying traffic from PPC and converting it! Learn about how to properly arbitrage traffic to generate profits!


High Revenue Blogging

Generate Traffic to Blogs! Learn about traffic methods and tricks to convert offers on your blogs fast!


Social Media Marketing

See how to dominate the social media world with highly powerful marketing methods and resources to show you how to be approved and running mobile or desktop traffic in no time at all!

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