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Free Website Traffic Generator – 14 Ways To Boost Your Web Traffic

Finding the best free website traffic generator could be the solution you need for your business lead generation.

Every digital marketer strives to ensure an active web presence that sustains high sales. Yet, they are challenged by the level of competition for products and services that stiffens with digitalization.

Ranking high in the searches is a vital goal that is achieved with having massive traffic. While attaining this objective is a plus, connecting with current and prospective clients is equally important in gaining their trust and loyalty.

This article will give you great insight into optimizing value for websites.

How Free Website Traffic Generators Work

Web applications consist of instructions and web tools. The package programs computers to behave or respond in a certain way. Web traffic automation, for example, allows more data flow to your network.

This process utilizes various types of protocol to invent communication packets. The devices within your network then imitate actual user behavior. Finally, the apps transmit them to your site as automated visits.

In the search engine category, google.com ranked as the most visited website globally. So this, naturally, is an enticing place to engage and interact with your customers.

What Website Traffic Generating Software Really Works?

An effective online campaign requires more data flow to facilitate landing page conversions.

Hence, a free website traffic generator is essential to command your success at a low cost.

Be cautious, though. Browsers like google will penalize you if they detect malicious traffic.

No entrepreneur would want to hurt their website’s reputation and visibility by a short-lived victory that eventually ends in a castigation.

Therefore, you will find it worthwhile to invest in best practices and computer systems that work to your advantage.

This blog contains reviews of some reputable options. Read on to find out what works best for you.

What is the best Traffic Generating Software?

Traffic apps utilize web tools designed to boost their performance. The toolsets focus on specific tasks. Thus, they execute them more effectively.

When analyzing the most appropriate free website traffic generator, you should consider the following benefits.


You can measure functionality using the application performance metrics and utilities like Alexa and google analytics. That means you can gauge your network load against your competitors.

User Friendliness

Do you have IT staff, or can you afford to outsource them? Ensure to choose the one you can implement and sustain with ease.


There is a big pricing range for the available options. So naturally, as an entrepreneur, you may need to purchase the most affordable one.

Still, you can save bucks by taking advantage of promotions and offers.

Which Free Tools Can I Use To Improve Web Traffic?

There is a diverse versions of free website traffic generator apps to select from. Nonetheless, if you do not have one in mind already, you could still consider these few reviews.

1.    Ostinato

This versatile utility intensifies packets flow using stream lists and statistics. It is also compatible with most platforms.has an array of versions. Majorly, they

Features include:

–      Supported by Windows, OS X, Linux, Mac, and BSD.

–      Has interactive GUI that makes it user-friendly.

–      Has multiple new versions to accommodate different budgets.

–      Old version is available at no cost.

–      Effective in traffic generation

–      Supports common web protocols


Most Ostinato versions require paying for a license. They are also unsuitable for stateful traffic.

2.    Packet Sender

This free website traffic generator sends and receives packets using UDP, TCP, and SSL servers. The packets aid in assessing scripting and network connectivity.

Features include:

–      Easy to use

–      Tests automation and network firewall

–      Runs stress test simultaneously on both client and server

–      Ensures network security by analyzing data flow

–      Detects and alerts you of malware within the network

–      Open-source (recommended for enterprises on a low budget)

–      Used on Windows, Mac, and Linux

You can easily Install Packet Sender at no cost.

3.    Nping

This is an Nmap component that works remarkably with raw packets, network testing, and latency analysis.

Attributes include:

–      Uses echo mode troubleshooting

–      Can make multiple packet generation

–      Cross-platform; Linux, Mac, OS, and MS Windows support it

–      Highly customizable

–      Supports ethernet frame generation

–      Open-source


Like most open-source, this free website traffic generator is not best suited to large firm.

Visit the Nmap site to Install Nping.

4.     Packet Flooder

This is one of the NetScanTools It is designed to stream in immense bundle flows with speed, as its name suggests.

–      Automates internet flow using UDP files

–      Effective in creating network-testing parameters for evaluation

–      Has 30 days of no costtesting


It lacks capabilities to assess stress and, therefore, relies on other toolsets for that function.

5.     SERP Empire

This software automates sessions to your page using keywords research results.

Its features include

–     User-friendly interfaces

–     Manipulator for page Click through rates (CTR)

–     Different plans

–     Affordable traffic (No tariff on the basic plan))

–     Geotargeted traffic


SERP Empire toolset can limit your daily traffic numbers ands does not guarantee you a continued top rank.

6. WAN Killer

This is a Solarwinds product effective in network stress testing.

Features include:

–      It detects malicious traffic

–      Analyses and alerts you of bundle flow in your network

–      Stress tests load within servers

–      Has a 14-days no-charge experimental period

–      Effective traffic injection

–      OS supported


–      Not compatible with non OS platforms

–      High license price chargeable after the two weeks period.

How Do I Generate More Traffic To My Website?

Understanding your web traffic sources is critical. That information guides you when determining your game plan in increasing your online visitors.

Among the web traffic sources, organic and direct searches are the most popular.

The two accounted for the largest worldwide web traffic distribution with a cumulative 84% in 2019 and maintained their top position with 74% in 2020.

Other significant contributors include social media, referrals, emails, and paid searches.

Traffic generators play a large role in raise your ranking. However, maintaining this position needs you to explore creative ways that supplement the software advantage.

Below are attainable approaches to elevate traffic.

14 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic

Different individuals are attracted to websites differently. In this regard, the following strategies can foster quality traffic on the varied sources.

Organic Search

Visitors under this category originate from non-sponsored clicks. For instance, when they search an item using a keyword. To increase your traffic, try the following:

  • Enrich Your Old Blogs.

Updating your past blogs is an awesome way to maintain your relevance. Revamp your old articles with more information that highpoints your products.

Also, don’t forget to correct grammar and spelling mistakes you may have overlooked before.

  • Address Issues

As you create your content, confirm that it will convey value. Let your buyers know how your products and services will solve their concerns.

Focusing on clients’ feedback will give you a good idea of their needs and expectations.

  • Conduct Keyword Analysis

To amass a greater audience, thoroughly research what people are looking for.

Investing in SEO tools like SimilarContent Pro to position your articles is a smart move. Alternatively, visit resourceful areas like Quora spaces or more ideas.

Direct search

Prospects get straight to your page when they feed your web address to their internet browsers. You can lure more of them with the following tactics.

  • Brand Building

Building your brand will intensify your popularity within the market. Therefore, it can help you remain competitive in the long term.

In addition, applying the 4Ps of branding augments your brand. Another way to improve your brand strength is by providing content that promotes trust from your clients.

  • Offline Marketing

Sometimes, take your campaigns beyond the screens. Print media and radio are effective in tempting nonfans of the internet into checking out your site.

Ensure your content piques your audience’s curiosity.

A compelling headline is a good way to start. Most importantly, remember to provide your URL.

  •  Online Advertising

Publicize your business on regularly visited sites to increase your traffic.

Bing Ads and Adroll are among the best digital advertisement options.

In addition, you may explore how to increase traffic with Pinterest.

Social Media

These forums have varied features like hashtags and share to boost your publicity. The tips below will improve your PR.

  • Be Active

Maintain an active presence by posting regularly to attract more followers. Make your posts good- informative and interactive.

You must, however, not overpost. Feeds that appear spammy will disinterest your followers.

  • Offer Relevant Content

Promote what you sell creatively using text, images, and videos. Take advantage of suitable social media options to increase your fans.

  • Go Viral

A viral post is an effective free website traffic generator. If you can cause netizens to talk about you, you will bring in more followers for sure.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencers have the advantage of numbers. consider them as a free website traffic generator, and use them to promote your products on their stories.


Referred shoppers access your site by clicking referral links or through redirection from other sites. You can boost your referral traffic in many ways, including:

  • Guest Posting

Blogging for someone else’s page. It is simple free website traffic generator; you will get backlinks that build your visibility in search engines. In addition, you will get a chance to increase your brand awareness.

  • Web Directories

List your business to attract untapped markets. In addition, you can optimize your visibility on web directories by eliminating duplicates and providing accurate details of your organization.

  • Affiliate marketing

This type of advertising uses a third party to redirect traffic to you. In exchange, they earn commissions.

Have you tried affiliate marketing on TikTok? (Hint: It works best with millennials.)

Electronic Mails

These mailing options are very effective in promotions. They aid in brand awareness, stimulating customers’ interest, and revenue making. For great results, ensure your approach is savvy.

Consider sending more emails to reach a wider audience. Then prompt the recipients to subscribe to your mails and newsletters.

Finally, direct your clients to act on making purchases. Wouldnt that be a free website traffic generator?

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website?

The best free website traffic generator is relative. It depends on accessing resources like budget, time, and experts, which are all costly.

However, open-source software and tools can help you automate visits that eventually increase your market base, revenues, and ranking.

Also, businesses with larger budget allocations can get value with offer trials before investing in traffic generators licenses.

Final Thoughts

The flow of visitors is essential in driving sales online. Therefore, when choosing a free website traffic generator, go for value.

You should select one that is easy to use, performs well, and is affordable. In addition, you can test their quality through offers and untolled trials.

You will add more value to your business when you supplement automatic sessions with blueprints that increase your conversions.

These include providing rich content, brand building, and guest blogging.

Also, advertising, local directories, social media, and emails are valuable options to venture.

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