How to make money without a job in 2021 [25 favorite ways]

How to make money without a job in 2021 [25 favorite ways]

Currently, there are endless opportunities that could fetch you some decent income at the comfort of your sofa.

Online money making opportunities has increased due to the advanced technology and the insatiable appetite of people seeking to optimize the internet.

Everything right now revolves under the internet and it has made things much easier. You don’t have to wait until you become employed to learn how to make money without a job.

Everything is digitized and depends on the internet to run. You can rely on various online platforms to generate income.

Below are 25 ways to earn money without a job in 2021.

How to make money without a job [25 favorite ways]

1. Blogging

When thinking of how to make money without a job, you may consider starting a blog.

The blogging business is still a lucrative venture where a blogger seeks to connect with a target audience by creating exciting content.

Blogs are the latest trends in social media platforms that keep interested persons entertained. However, blogging will take time before everything falls into place.

You need to come up with unique content that will capture the attention of any reader. For example, you can decide to come up with reviews of unanswered questions or to capture the attention of the reader.

Try and reach out to people within your networks and social media platforms it will open the market for you.

Aim to gather positive reviews since they’ll create a springboard to help you scale further in your blogging career.

Regularly update your blogs to avoid going obsolete or irrelevant. Companies and other businesses are always on the lookout to find bloggers with a huge following and producing creative content for advertising deals.

If you are considering starting a blog and earn money without a job, see my article Starting a Blog How To [Ultimate Guide], It’s very thorough and walk you through everything you need to know about starting a blog.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great way of saving up money since it has different offers which include free gift cards and cash. You become eligible for such offers if you do anything online.

You accumulate points from doing a number of online activities such as searching the web, taking online surveys, watching videos, answering trivia, scanning barcodes, among many others.

You need to constantly accumulate the SB points which are rewarded with a conversation to dollars (100 points = 1 dollar).

You can redeem your points and visit your favorite store to make a purchase. If your reward is in the form of cash you can receive the cash via your PayPal account.

The most common forms of payout include PayPal or Amazon gift card. It is possible to make money with Swagbucks and there is evidence to back the claims.

Over the past two decades, active members have made over 400 million dollars in form of gift cards and cash rewards.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelancing is an amalgamation of a number of online tasks such as article writing, academic writing, transcription, data entry, among others.

The freelancing industry is also lucrative and a good option when you decide to work from home. You are only required to own an internet-enabled device that will help you perform the tasks.

Most of the freelancing gigs pay an hourly wage and the rates vary depending on the experience of the individual. A standard average hourly rate ranges from $10-$13.

The frequency of how you pick the tasks solely depends on your expertise and speed. Quality content is also rewarded with tips from happy clients.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an activity that seeks to tie an online merchant with a website owner in exchange for a reward. The reward is in the form of commission and a tool a marketer should have is an affiliate link.

When a website owner advertises on their websites to promote sales of commercial products or to send potential customers to the commercial website, it is part of the profit.

As a way to make money without a job, affiliate marketing allow you to generate passive income. This is what makes affiliate marketing attractive to affiliate marketers. 

If you have the knowledge, skills and time, you can promote your products and services through various affiliate marketing programs and networks and increase your profits through various sales commissions.

It is crucial that you have a platform that you enjoy a huge following so that you can capture the attention of many potential clients.

5. Online photography

Anyone who believes that photography skills can impress anyone has a great opportunity to sell photos and make money online.

There are many online agencies that can help you sell your photos online. These agencies offer great incentives and income opportunities for aspiring photographers.

These photos are paid for as soon as the license fee has been charged. It is a very useful way to make money online if you have the necessary skills.

6. Online Store Fronts

If you have a blog or website you can easily transform it into a virtual store where you can enlist products that mostly get to the customer through a drop shipping service. However, you need to find a number of drop shippers that deal with products that are closely related to your niche and content.

It is necessary to keep your operations simple at first as you gather a clientele base that will place orders via your blog or website.

7. Creating Your Own E-Products

You can also choose to create your own e-products. You are only required to possess valuable information and knowledge that you would deem fit to share.

Gradually, develop a list of e-products that you think match or blend with what you advocate for so that you can promote them through your website or blog.

Extend your knowledge and learn how to write an e-book, research valuable insights into becoming a better coach. You can easily make money online by promoting other people’s products a venture that will require little or less capital.

8. Filling up surveys

Doing market research may seem like a daunting task, but the ways to make money from this type of job are endless.

There are thousands of research groups online that can comment on a wide variety of things and will want to pay you to comment on them.

For each completed survey, users receive a certain number of points or a certain amount of money. When the winning limit is reached, the research team offers consumers the option to withdraw funds or redeem points for a specific amount.

9. Copywriter

How to make money without a job in 2021Copywriting is often considered a speciality, but the reality is that anyone can start writing business from home.

Copywriting is among the best way to make money without a job you should consider.

In addition, the availability of the internet has made it increasingly easier for us to make money writing texts.

In other words, these jobs can include writing articles on a specific topic, ads, reviews, website content, press releases, and anything else that requires written or original content.

As a freelance copywriter, you can promote your services to people who work from home.

As you become more successful, you can choose your customers.

The decision to become a copywriter is a big one. The pay is quite good, and the work, in general, is interesting and varied.

There are many specialities so that a writer can choose the area of interest.

10. Online tutoring

Online learning services are the most reliable and affordable way to gain in-depth knowledge of any subject with experienced online teachers.

These types of online learning services have made a significant contribution to the academic advancement of students.

In short, these online teachers are very experienced and well-educated people who are able to teach students in a well-organized education department.

These teachers use a stunning, easy-to-use virtual classroom that has a whiteboard for teachers and students to work on.

They also use Microsoft Word, YouTube documents and PowerPoint presentations.

These resources are very helpful in spreading knowledge and providing quality education.

11. Dropshipping with Shopify

Dropshipping is such a worthy venture and it could be an excellent way to earn money online without a job.

Dropshipping needs patience since it gradually grows as you invest more resources. Since an e-commerce business needs to first attract and satisfy a number of clients.

It is also important to pick reputable and professional drop shippers who will ensure the products presented to clients are of high quality.

Avoid becoming greedy since you’ll take everything that comes your way even without considering the customer experience which ensures you’ve retained a client who will surely buy from you.

12. Print On-demand

Print on Demand is an effective way to earn money online without a job. The venture starts by helping out merchants set up their print on demand stores.

If you believe you have an audience in your social media platform then you make it quite comfortably. However, the venture will take time to grow since it’s another passive income source. 

If you don’t have an audience don’t give up and try your best to grow your following for a better chance to make it in the industry.

The print on demand works perfectly for an individual who is a YouTuber, business owner, a Podcaster, or Instagrammer.

Availing the print on demand platform to established business as a source of income then it would turn out to be an excellent business model.

13. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that allows you to sell any product or item you have for $5.

The website has an ideal user interface that facilitates user-friendliness.

You are only required to register and own an account by filling all your personal details.

You can start selling right away and it is possible to make more money by taking part in some of the promotional Fiverr services such as writing articles, gift ideas, and Photoshop designs, among others.

You can never run out of ideas when working with Fiverr.

Just imaging creating anything interesting and having it sold at Fiverr at $5.

You can reach out to potential clients through your social media accounts so that you increase the chances of people buying your idea or creativity.

You can decide to write an article or do gigs like fortune-telling which are excellent ways to make money online.

14. Making YouTube videos

Are you looking for creative way to make money without a job? You may consider starting a Youtube channel.

Think of YouTube as a platform you can use to drive traffic to your website, earn money with Adsense and promote your products. 

By creating videos about your online business and the products you are promoting, you can drive direct traffic to your website and make big money from visitors in the long run.

Mention the name of your website in the video and add a link to the video description so viewers can visit your website.

You don’t want to be a seller when creating your videos. You want to be like a real person who wants to give people information about a product.

When a product is presented well, people have to buy it. The fastest way to buy your product is to click the link provided and make a purchase on your website.

15. Dog walking

Finding people to walk dogs is not difficult, especially in places where there are many dogs in the community. 

Most of the people who live there work in the city, so these hikers are often in the city.

You have one or more dogs, but you don’t have time to run and watch over them during the day. They are the ones who hire dog walkers.

You have just found and hired dog sitters. The dog sitters must be trained and certified to handle dogs.

You can enrol in an online class and do the short course so that it becomes easier to attract clients.

The most important thing is to understand how to take care of the dogs. Some cities require a dog trainer license. You understand how to control and keep the dog’s behavior in check.

16. Sell your music online

You can make money online if you are talented in singing which isn’t as difficult as you might think.

With the power of the internet, your group can build its global reputation and make money overnight.

Using a website with unique features, such as A built-in media player, for example, that provides audio clips from your band’s recordings is a great way to grow your fan base and give your audience the musical options your band offers.

This short teaser invites guests to purchase a CD or download their songs to support the band.

17. Website Designing

If you have a good background in the coding and web designing world then you can think of generating money by designing websites for people.

You need to find an avenue where you can link up with potential clients that may need your services.

You can easily make it if you produce excellent work more clients will approach you since satisfied clients will always bring a referral.

You can assemble like-minded individual to form a team that will design websites for clients which will surely earn you revenue.

18. Transcribe Audio Files

Transcription is also an online venture that you could try out even if it doesn’t pay as high as you may expect.

A transcription task requires you to convert a video or audio file into a document. You can easily access platforms that incorporate transcription among their services.

If you believe you are attentive and possess a good command of the major languages then you stand a chance to succeed in the industry.

Just familiarize yourself with some of the requirements needed before you take on your first gig.

19. Online data entry jobs

Data entry tasks are also an ideal way to earn money at home by just inserting data into a database.

In today’s internet world, online data entry is common practice since most businesses want to digital store their information or data.

However, there are many scams out there, especially in this area.

Entering data is not difficult, but not easy. Most people hope to make money by writing slowly.

It requires clearing up common misunderstandings, and incorporating information requires writing skills, speed, and thorough research.

20. Online proofreading

This is one of the simplest ways to make money online.

There are people who write articles or literature works and they may need a second opinion from another party.

If you have a great command of the English language as well as possess the skills to correct mistakes and grammar then you qualify to be an ideal proofreader.

The editing task needs to be done by someone who can read and write.

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21. Virtual assistant

Making money as a virtual home assistant is not easy and therefore not many people do it successfully.

Many people consider virtual assistants to be their boss because they don’t want to make money working under someone else’s supervision.

However, this idea is not turned into reality so many people do not know how to do it.

One of the main reasons virtual assistants are so popular is that people live independently, stress-free, and away from the corporate tax environment.

But some people earn money as virtual part-time assistants and stick to their daily work.

22. Provide babysitting services

You probably know single parents or couples who work part-time or full-time basis.

If you like being around children then you should think of providing childcare services at a fee.

If you know a friend who has kids you can ask them whether they are interested in employing them. Do the same with your neighbors or relatives.

It is obvious that almost every working couple needs a babysitter, so don’t let such a golden chance slip away if you are unemployed.

Most couples like the thought of trusting somebody they know with their children which makes family and friends an ideal target.

Get some basic training on first aid so that you stand a better chance to impress your employer.

23. Sell things online

Most people never put into consideration that the items lying lazily in their attic, closet, and garage could help fetch a fortune.

If you want to make a little extra, sell what you don’t want on sites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist. You can also find inexpensive items that can be sold at discount stores.

You can display items you no longer need on platforms such as eBay so that buyers can spot them and initiate contact to close the deal.

A huge number of consumers indeed flock to sites like eBay looking for affordable products.

When you have something by your side, register on the website, open an account and sell what you don’t need.

Remember, you should never judge an article harshly.

If you are unemployed and you have a lot of things you don’t need you can sell them to gather enough capital to help you start a business.

24. Teaching lessons online

Can you play a musical instrument such as piano or guitar?

Do you have an excellent skill that you are conversant with? 

Then it’s high time you thought about making money by designing an online class to teach interested individuals.

You will get a good platform to do what you love and also share that passion with others.

There are quite a few websites online that you can use your knowledge and skills to make money.

Find an ideal platform and register with them by creating and completing your profile.

That way, people will know what your professional skills are and why they should ask you for help.

Depending on your expertise there are sites that present simple to hard roles and if you fit in a more complex level your pay also increases.

Don’t just sit on your skills, be productive and design an online class to help others learn your skill at a fee.

25. Content Creation

If you are good at developing content it is advisable to think about monetizing it with the aid of online platforms.

You can be talented in writing wonderful short stories or interesting articles you can exploit your potential and allow your skill to reward you financially.

If you are talented in creating caricatures and drawings it’s high time you start thinking of who you can make money.

Social media platforms have opened a number of opportunities for people to share their ideas and as well as make money.

You can make painting and custom drawings and get hefty rewards. Also, the internet marketing world depends on creative and unique content to keep a product or service relevant.

Sell your creativity and help businesses achieve long term success in internet marketing.

You will be paid for promoting products and coming up with unique content that will capture the attention of the target audience.

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