Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular platform for affiliates programs because the site allows you to post affiliate links where some other sites will not let you.  You can even post these if you do not have a blog! 

However, it is strongly believed that you would do better if you had a blog.  

Today we will delve into the best affiliate programs for Pinterest so you can succeed further online. 

Most of these programs are a great addition to things that you are already doing, and just by doing a few small things, such as placing your link or banner in various places, you can earn income!  

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest 

Below you will find the best affiliate marketing with Pinterest Programs that we have found available at this current time.  With each one, you will find an affiliate page link, the commission rate, and cookies duration. 


Clickbank is one of the most, if not the most, popular affiliate program for Pinterest. 

Cooking, homes and gardens, and many other niches are popular choices. 

Clickbank offers the chance to promote top performing products, grow your sales, and learn how to make a lot of money with courses offered. 

* Affiliate Page Link: located here 

* Commission Rate: 30 to 75%

* Cookies Duration:  60 days 



Grammarly is a popular affiliate program for Pinterest as it offers three different commission rates.  There is also a free or a paid affiliate program. 

Anyone who creates content of any kind can use Grammarly as it will check for spelling, grammar, and readability.  

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  .20 on every free trial, $20 per premium sale, and $25 when you write an article about Grammarly and place your affiliate banner ad once enrolled.

* Cookies Duration:  90 days 


Get paid for every signup you have, no matter if it is trial or an upgraded plan. 

You will be able to monetize your content using trackable links from a 3rd party.

FreshBooks program is among the best affiliate programs for Pinterest you should consider. 

* Affiliate Page Link:  Located Here 

* Commission Rate: up to $10 per trial signup, up to $200 for for upgraded plan

* Cookies Duration: 120 days 

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest


ClickFunnels is essentially a sales funnel builder.  You can get leads by creating web pages that are targeted to your audience. 

You can then convert them to sales.  One is allowed to choose between one of three main funnel choices:  collecting emails, selling your product, or host webinar.

Are you looking for a high-paying and reccurent affiliate program for Pinterest?  You may consider affiliate for ClickFunnels.

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate: up to 40% 

* Cookies Duration:  Lifetime sticky cookie 


The Fiverr as affiliate program for Pinterest allows a person to promote services located on Fiverr through a shareable link.  Any new buyers who have used your link will be assigned to your account and you will earn direct payments through Paypal, your bank account, or Pioneer.  

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate: $15 to $150

* Cookies Duration:  30 days 

Bluehost Hosting

Promote Bluehost’s products and earn for every qualified purchase. 

Place banners or links on your site, and once a customer purchases their product through your link, you will be paid via Paypal Masspay.

Add ons or hosting renewals are not subject to a commission rate.  Every sale will need to have a unique contact and billing information.  

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  $65 for every qualified hosting purchase 

* Cookies Duration:  90 days unless the customer clears cookies and cache before then


Webmasters, bloggers, paid search enthusiasts, agencies, educational resources, and more can all be a part of the SEMrush affiliate marketing with Pinterest program. 

After signing up for an account, you will be provided with premade banners, links, and high-converting landing pages.  

* Affiliate Page Link: located here 

* Commission Rate: up to $200 

* Cookies Duration:  120 days 


There are many ways to earn on Shopify.  Some individuals will create tutorials on dropshipping and place their link in them, while others write reviews or create educational content that is related to dropshipping.  

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  200% of your visitors monthly subscription fee

* Cookies Duration:  30 days 


Wix  allows one to create a website using different forms for your theme.  Pinterest traffic is easily targeted using pins and keywords. 

This affiliate marketing Pinterest program targets individuals that are new to web design who want to easily and quickly design their own site for their blog. 

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  $100+ for every referral 

* Cookies Duration:  30 days 


Add links to your website, social media sites, blogs, SEO campaigns, and more to promote products. 

ShareaSale has over 3900 merchant programs, with primarily small to mid-sized merchants, and is one of the largest affiliate marketing Pinterest programs. 

Once the cookie’s duration is over, the referring Affiliate’s ID is stored  in each customer’s profile, which guarantees them to receive the lifetime commission.

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  $4 commission on each sale referred from your site plus 100% lifetime commission every time the referred client makes a residual purchase

* Cookies Duration:  12 months 


There are two different affiliate marketing Pinterest programs with GetResponse. 

The affiliate bounty program will generate a generous one time commission while the affiliate recurring program will generate long-term sustainable commission.

This program is suitable for those content creators, freelancers, bloggers, and review sites.  Those with small businesses will benefit too.  You will obtain unlimited commission for every solution you recommend.  

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate: $100 (bounty program) 33% (recurring program)

* Cookies Duration:  120 days 

Elegant Themes

Promote your favorite themes with text links and banners that can be placed on your website.  

When a customer sees a theme they like and purchases the product, they will get access to all of the themes available.

Each year, more than $3,000,000 is paid out to members. 

 * Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate: 50 % 

* Cookies Duration:  14 days 


Namecheap is an affiliate program that has a high conversion that has regular payouts.  New customers are referred to Namecheap by displaying  your affiliate ID to refer to any Namecheap page or choose one of our banners.

Display the link or banner on your site, social media or emails.

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  20% on domains, 35% on hosting packages

* Cookies Duration:  30 days 


A subset of tools are provided when you join the WealthyAffiliate program.  This will allow you to maximize your conversions and make you capable of getting the most out of your revenue. 

You will have access to courses to help you succeed.  The  courses offered promise how to make money with affiliate marketing.  

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  $121 per sale (lifetime commission)

* Cookies Duration:  30 days 


Promote Clickmagick, a leading tracking and optimizing platform.  You are encouraged to promote via emails, banners, solo ads, blog posts, reviews, social media, and more. 

Payments are daily as long as you have $50 in your account.  

* Affiliate Page Link: located here 

* Commission Rate:  35%

* Cookies Duration: unknown


Traffic For Me wants to share their profit with you.  Through their program, they do not increase the prices that customers pay for you to make money. 

They believe this is the fair way to do it for not only them, but for anyone you refer. 

All you have to do is tell your friend, and you can be making money as well! Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, or email it!  

* Affiliate Page Link:  located here 

* Commission Rate:  30%

* Cookies Duration: unknown

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