Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest – How to be Successful

When it comes to promoting affiliate products, then Pinterest is the priority of users.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you may consider using affiliate marketing with Pinterest as your first source of organic traffic.

However, before diving deeper, let us rust out what is meant by Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visualized search engine which provides ideas of recipe, style, inspiration and promoting affiliate products too.

Talking about promoting affiliated products, then Pinterest could be a real and secure find. Through Pinterest, you generate tons of traffic to your related products which means, the more traffic you generate, the money you can earn through it.

It is a powerful marketing tool which encourages every affiliate marketer to go around it and give it a solid try. Most importantly, marketers always look for the free option, and Pinterest is free with no paid advertisement. 

Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest

In this detailed guide, you are just going to learn how to make money from Pinterest, what Pinterest is, how to sign up on Pinterest and how to use Pinterest pins to promote your affiliate products.

Making money by promoting affiliate products is a tried and tested way to earn as much as you want. 

If you want to make money at home through affiliate marketing then read this blog post carefully from beginning to end and if you don’t understand something then comment, I will answer every question.

How to be Successful with Pinterest?

For being successful in affiliate marketing with Pinterest, you need to follow some rules and regulations.

These steps are mandatory, and every marketer needs to fulfil them correctly. These steps are mentioned below:

Create a Business Account – Pinterest sign in

First and the foremost thing is to create an attractive business account on Pinterest.

For creating a new business account, you firstly need to log out from the personal account, then click business account option, enter your email and password to carry along.

After doing so, you need to write your bio, enter your business username, select country or region, and then finally add your website.

These steps would result in the creation of your business account of Pinterest.

Researching and Adding Keywords

After creating your account, you need to take some professional steps.

You need to have in-depth and proper research of keywords regarding your related products and then add them to your bio, description, board names and your Pinterest profile.

This could let people know your affiliate product niche through keywords searching and tags.

Create Rich Pins

The last step is to create rich pins. These organic pins are essential to sync information from your website to directly towards your Pins.

You can also identify rich pins by extra information above and below Pinterest.

This step is crucial, and rich pins are the free product for everyone present on Pinterest.

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

On Pinterest, there are several affiliate programs which you can start and carry along with them.

However, today we are just concentrating on Amazon Affiliate on Pinterest. 

If you want to start promoting affiliate products but you don’t know which one you should go with, see my article Best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Amazon Affiliate on Pinterest

Previously, Pinterest did not allow to pin Amazon affiliates on their social media platform due to scam and all that stuff.

But now, you can have Amazon affiliate links attached to the Pinterest business account, but you cannot straight for that.

Therefore, you can post Amazon affiliate links attached to blog posts and pages that would contain your affiliate products for marketing.

However, for creating Amazon Affiliate links that get consistent audience and clicks, you need to follow some steps mentioned below. 

  • Use fonts which are easy and convenient for the audience to understand. This helps them to know the idea of your related product in quick succession. 
  • You should invest in paid stock photos as quality can break the success of your Amazon Affiliate pins. The audience is attracted by the photos used for the related products.
  • Have a deep and thorough for your affiliate pin keywords. They work as a connection for the audience and your product which needs to be affiliated on Pinterest.

Amazon Affiliate links are probably one of the best-affiliated sites which bring trust to your audience from Pinterest.

Being a global brand, products from Amazon get massive reach, and marketers have a variety to show their traffic on the website. 

How to Get Pinterest Followers by Following Influencers


When you usually think about influencer marketing, which social media sites come in your mind? Mostly, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube! But what about Pinterest.

The influencer of Pinterest can have many different forms.

They can be individual bodies like blogger or designer who have developed their site with several followers.

They can also be publishers who have got good support on their sites by uploading blogging content on their website. 

However, the most significant questions arise on how to find the influencer of your niche and easily connect with them.

This may look a difficult task but is essential for getting successful results.

If your brand would benefit by joining or doing a collaboration with a more prominent name or influencer of Pinterest, then you should surely go for it.

To find a successful influencer, many of them on Pinterest write influencer in their working section, which becomes easy for other users to get in touch with them.

However, for a professional way, you need to follow the marketplace of influencer where you can search influencer by setting filter upon your niche, service, social media platform and many others etc.

You will indeed find a secure and highly recognized influencer there and get along with him. 

Coming to the way of connecting with the influencer, you should firstly check her or his profile briefly and go through every nitty-gritty.

Then, you should check the typical rates and the past campaigns which the influencer has worked with and check their results too.

Also, when you are using an influencer marketplace, you need to have an excellent knowledge of it as you cannot risk your money and brand to an incapable influencer. This can result in a significant loss for you.

Pin Consistently

One of the best ways of wanting people to discover you more is through Pinning Consistently.

Pinning Consistently is among the best strategies in affiliate marketing with Pinterest.

This could be done as it would bring an increased number of followers on your site and help your pins to be discovered more often.

However, if you have a shorter time, then start with aiming 5 to 10 pins daily.

But, on the other hand, if you have enough time and you are serious about growing your Pinterest, then you should pin 25 to 30 items a day as the Pinterest content distribution network suggests it.

However, you should also keep one more thing on your mind as you should not pin 2o items daily for a week and then suddenly stop pinning for next weeks.

This would hurt your Pinterest profile the most as consistency matters a lot. 

Apart from Pining consistently, it would help if you also pinned at optimal and different time durations each day.

This would ensure trust and audience takes it positively as a marketer is counted active 24 by seven.

As Pinterest works for 24 by severing, when you pin day out and day night, then you have more chances for your pins to be seen by the local and new global audience.

Another way of restoring your audience is by repining your old pins as it is a fact that not each of your followers sees your previous or all pins.

By repining, you can get the attention of your audience back who were unfamiliar with your daily pins. 

Pinterest Tools

When it comes to Pinterest tools, you get a wide range of lists as there are many to be noticed.

However, today we will talk about a couple of those which are mentioned below.

These tools make your life easier as you can post images, content, or any affiliated pins more efficiently as one can expect. 


When we talk about high profiled tools for any social media platform, Buffer is seen amongst the high ranks.

Buffer performs some of the best functions which are just mentioned below.

  • Pin Images Automatically

When you supply your content to Pinterest, the buffer would automatically pin content to your website, which makes it super comfortable and excited.

  • Easily add images to your Queue

Buffer quickly scrap the images as you have ordered and arranged them in the queue.

You can also use some browser or google extension for that which would be helpful.

Tailwind for Pinterest

Like Buffer, Tailwind is also regarded as one of the best tools for scheduling pins at the right time and spot.

This tool is specially designed for Pinterest, and if you are working seriously only on Pinterest, then this tool would be beneficial for you.

Under Tailwind, you can let it analyze all your boards and check which one gets the most engagements.

If you see that board getting more engagement and audience, then you should exert more effort on that as it would be beneficial for your long-term run.


At last, if you are a marketer and want to boost your Affiliate products and make money with Pinterest then Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest is regarded as one of the best options.

You can check out the Amazon affiliate links which are accepted on Pinterest and create your attractive pins to discover new global and local audiences towards your affiliated products.

Just create a business account on Pinterest and start working on it to promote and grow it for affiliation.

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to do business and you can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing there. 

Hopefully this post gives you a better picture of affiliate marketing on Pinterest. if you find this post useful, please comment blow.

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