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My Online Startup Free Course Review

Recently, I came across My Online Startup free course, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much as it was free.

But how wrong was I?

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I subscribed to My Online Startup and spent a considerable amount of time watching videos and taking actions at the end of each lesson. I already have my website integrated with GetResponse but what I was missing are the big picture, the methods and the strategies.

My Online Startup free course gave me this missing part which is very important to build an online business.

Having my own website integrated with GetResponse allowed me to follow the training and put into practice what I learned. But, If you haven’t your website yet, then you might be better to read Starting a Blog With Bluehost [Ultimate Guide].

The last step was how to add content to your blog, establish authority, drive traffic and start promoting affiliate products

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Now, after all that, I decided to write this review to share my experience and give my thoughts on My Online Startup affiliate marketing training.

Let’s get right into it.      

My Online Startup is the perfect free affiliate marketing training course online for beginners.

It’s run by a marketer called Chuck Nguyen who has been making money from this business model and making six figures for the last four years.

You will get skills on how to build an online business and almost everything about affiliate marketing.

My Online Startup Affiliate Marketing Free Course

Product Name:

My Online Startup

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Affiliate Marketing


June 2019


Free (upgrade option available for $197)


What is My Online Startup?

It’s a free course that’s worth thousands. It’s a no-barrier entry course that guarantees that members succeed. What you will learn in this free course works. It’s the core of every business out there, and I guarantee you that.

This free course helps millions from around the world build a successful online business.

This course gives you the full game plan, the big picture of everything you are going to learn, and everything you are going to build and how exactly you are going to make many when you finish this free course.

There are many ways to make money online, such as Shopify, Drop Shipping; you can do Copywriting, selling services.

This course will break down every component that you can build, learn, and generate income. There is an action plan at the end of every lesson. Knowledge is only step one. You need to take action if you want results.

The course was created by Chuck living in Australia. He started in 2012; he is earning consistent six figures per year for the last four years.

When it comes to making money online, it is not about knowing all the strategies in the world; it is not about finding an opportunity with a specific company and is not about buying a product that can change your life.

Every single product can help you; every single method can help you with making money online.

How to Get the Most from This Course

  • You have to join the free Mastermind group to connect with other members
  • Go through the course in a step by step order without skipping.
  • Make sure to takes notes while watching videos.
  • Follow the simple action plan at the end of each lesson.
  • Make sure to have a decent budget to invest in important tools.
  • Unsubscribe from all marketer’s email list that does not benefit you.
  • Commit to doing whatever it takes to build your online business.

Why Is My Online Startup So Good?

  • Step by step training, up to date Affiliate Marketing training that shows you exactly how to build a sustainable online business.
  • The training is 100% free with great value, with no restrictions.
  • You will get access to more than 50 high-quality training videos.
  • You will be allowed to join a private Facebook group that’s for members of My Online Startup where you network with other members and get help if you ever need it.
  • Chuck’s team is quick with replying to comments, so you will always have someone that can help you if you get stuck on anything.
  • You’re getting paid to give away the free course, more than six thousand positive feedback, without having to hard-sell any products.
  • The biggest DFY service provided by Chuck and his team is a DFY premium blog setup. You will get a blog WordPress website setup with a bunch of plugins, install premium themes. All you have to do is invest in a hosting service.

The Course Contents

Getting Started

It’s over a 20-minute welcome video that walks you through the entire membership site. Tells you exactly what benefits you’ll get, a feature that you can use that help you build your online business.

Step 1: The Gameplan

Here, you will get the full game plan, the big picture of everything you are going to learn, everything you are going to build, and how exactly you make money when you finish this free course. Chuck explains in detail the nine components of a successful affiliate business.

Step 2: Success Mindset

Mindset handles everything you achieve that you do, what you do in everyday life. I believe all starts with the correct mindset, not only for business but also for life, work, friends, and family.

If you can improve your mindset, if you can boost your mindset, you can be more successful, more confident, and you will have a better life. To succeed in this course, you need to be the right person.

Step 3: Affiliate Marketing

In this part, the video will go through an overview of affiliate marketing and how it works. Some important affiliate marketing fundamentals you need to know that will help you become successful as an affiliate marketer how to choose the most profitable niche, how to find affiliate products, how super affiliate marketers work to have a recurring passive income.

Step 4: Lead Generation

In this module of the course, you will learn what is a lead generation system, its components, how to build it and why super affiliate use it to build a successful online business and maximize their conversions.

Step 5: Authority Platform

In this module, Chuck walks you through how exactly you build your entire platform where you can position yourself as an authority, where you can build trust with your leads, where you share content, give value and, at the same time, make money.

He gives you all tips and tricks on how to write a blog post and what to write about. As an email list is your first asset, a blog is your second asset for your online business.

Step 6: YouTube Marketing

YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms to build your brand and sat your authority. In this module, Chuck will reveal to you his little secret.

He teaches you exactly what kind of videos are the best for YouTube and what kind of tools you need to get more views and profit from this huge source of free traffic.

Step 7: Forum Marketing

In this video, Chuck walks you through how to tape into the biggest Internet marketing forum in the world and get leads and sales almost effortlessly. It can take time to get traffic from the forum, but if you do it correctly, it’s a gold mine.

Step 8: Targeted Solo Ads

This module focus on paid traffic to ensure you get the highest Return on Investment (ROI). In this video, Chuck walks you through a very simple method where you can get a flow of targeted leads within hours by taping in other people’s email lists

How You Will Earn Commissions

The free training inside is of great value; however, Chuck’s mentoring program “Founding Partner” has even more. It’s a one-time payment fee of $197 at the time of this article. So here is everything that you will get with the paid membership of My Online Startup AKA MOS:

  • Exclusive Rights to Promote MOS. You have your affiliate link and can start promoting the course. You will get $100 for each referral upgrade to Partner instead of $20 with the free membership.
  • Module 1: Success Mindset. As per the motivational part, I think it is very important to realize the potential of the business.
  • Module 2: 10X Commissions. The content is wonderful — especially given that my understanding is that this program has fairly recently been launched. You will learn the distinction between “Faking It” and “Faith in It.”
  • Module 3: Facebook Traffic. The best course out there on how to drive traffic using Facebook. You will learn everything on Facebook marketing. After viewing the six videos, you will not be pitched anymore; instead, you will be the one that can find potential leads, connect with them, reach out to them and build relationships with them.
  • Marketing Images and Swipes. You can use all these marketing materials to promote the free course and get leads.
  • Bonus DFY Lead Generation System. How to take advantage of the DFY lead generation system so that you can build your biggest asset online, which is your email list.
  • DFY Lead System Tutorials. In this section, you will find some tutorials on ClickMagick, GetResponse, and others.

There is a 30-day full money-back guarantee, with no questions asked. This makes the investment risk-free. If you have a good mindset and want to build a sustainable online business, you don’t even need this guarantee.

But if you’ve been on the fence and want to see if My Online Startup will work for you, you will have about a month to find out.

In “Founding Partner”  program, your will learn how to use Facebook and other tools to drive traffic to your website and promote your affiliate products. You will also have the guide and support of your coach and get access to the private Facebook group.

So, I decided to upgrade to “Founding Partner” and get full benefit and support of My Online Startup team.


My Online Startup Free Course Review


  • There are no huge claims to make millions overnight. Chuck gives you everything he has learned to succeed in your journey as an affiliate marketer.
  • This course has a lot of value. It covers everything you need to know to succeed and start building an online business. It gives you the big picture of an online business, so you know where to start, where you ahead, and what it takes to build all that.
  • The biggest part of the training is free; this shows the good intention of Chuck and gives him trust. This is a win-win situation for Chuck and his Partners.
  • With the 30-day money-back refund policy, you can always get a refund with no questions asked.
  • Chuck is someone who is already making consistent six figures for the last four years using the same models, so he knows what he is talking about. He is teaching his model to other people.
  • In this course, you will learn all tactics and strategies on how to promote this free course and earn a big commission of $100 for each new Founder member that joins the program.


  • You will not make millions overnight.
  • You will have to buy some external tools and apps to get this thing working for you.


I recommend My Online Startup free training to anyone who wants to learn what it takes to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

If you go through all the videos that are inside My Online Startup with zero knowledge of Affiliate Marketing or making money online in general, you will come out equipped with the right knowledge to proceed forward.

Anyone can learn affiliate marketing and all the necessary methods are available to get started all over the internet but, I guarantee you, no one will show you how to build the system, get the tactics and strategies to market your offers, and make sales.

Chuck Nguyen and his team did a great job; they have created one place for all and made it available for free. This course will help you develop to get the mindset and the big picture on how to build a successful online business, whether you are a tech-savvy person or not by offering their DFY bonuses.

I recommend you join My Online Startup, especially if you are a beginner with no background on affiliate marketing business.

My advice to you is to take the training seriously and to take action. As Chuck used to say, knowledge is only the first step; you have to take action.

That way, you build your online business components, and once all is up, you start adding values, connecting with people, and promoting your offers. Only this way, you build a successful online business, and you will be able to see results and start making money.

I hope you found my review helpful. Please let me know what you think about My Online Startup free course.

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