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Amazon EC2 Pricing

Amazon EC2 Pricing Guide

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a cloud computation facility that offers reliable, scalable figure resources. It is meant to make web-scale cloud calculation more available to programmers. The modest net service interface of Amazon EC2 enables you to quickly receive and customize power. Also, you need low-cost hosting that will allow you to …

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How to Migrate WordPress from cPanel to Amazon EC2

How to Migrate WordPress Website to AWS – Full Tutorial

In this post I will step through the process of how to migrate WordPress website to AWS. My WordPress website was hosted on Bluehost and as my page fully loaded time was 9 seconds which is considered very slow.  The second reason is that during the last six month, my website was down more than five times. The …

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AWS WordPress Hosting Cost

AWS WordPress Hosting Cost – 9 Easy Steps

Table of Contents 1.AWS WordPress Hosting 2.What is Amazon Web Services?3.AWS Lightsail vs. Bluehost 3.1Pricing3.2Traffic 3.3Bandwidth 4.Is AWS Hosting Good For WordPress?5.What is AWS Lightsail?5.1Some features of Amazon Lightsail are5.2Benefits Of Using AWS Lightsail Hosting?5.3How much does Amazon Lightsail Cost Per Month?6.How To Host WordPress on AWS Lightsail?7.Conclusion7.1The Secret Email System eBook When thinking of secure, scalable and low-cost …

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